How Do I...?

This page is meant answer questions about basic library procedures ranging from placing a hold to accessing RPL wireless internet. Additionally, we hope this will help you get a sense of what is available to you through the Richmond Public Library.

How Do I...

Get a library card?

Adults may register for library cards at any of the Richmond Public Library locations by presenting identification (a driver's license with a current address, or a photo ID and a document that shows your current address). Please come at least 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • Out-of-town students should also bring identification showing their Richmond address.
  • Cards may be used at all Richmond Public Library locations. If you lose your card, a replacement will cost $1.
  • On your first check out you may only take two items. Once they have been returned the total limit goes up to 20 items checked out at a time.
  • Library cards must be renewed annually to verify that information is correct. If there are any fines or fees on the record, the account must be paid to a $0.00 balance before the card can be renewed.
  • Metro area residents are not charged for a Richmond Public Library card. To see a list of considered metro areas, click here.
Return borrowed materials?

During library hours, you can either return books at the circulation desk or drop them in the book drop. After library hours, just drop your materials in the book drop.

You can also return your materials to any Richmond Public Library branch. For instance, if you borrowed a book from the Main branch and are running errands by the West End branch, feel free to drop off your items.

Renew my materials?

There are two ways you can renew your materials:

1) Call your local branch or 646-4531 (Main branch). Make sure to have your library card on hand, as you will be asked for your card number.

2) Renew online through the RPL iBistro Online Catalog with these simple steps:
  • Access your account through the RPL homepage by selecting "My Account" at the top right corner of the page.
  • Click "My Account" on far right of the top menu bar. Do not enter your library card information on this first page.
  • Click the "Renew My Materials" option.
  • Log in with your User ID (13-digit number on the back of your card) and the PIN you have selected.
  • Select the borrowed materials you would like to renew, or click "Renew All" option to select all materials.
  • Click "Renew Selected Items" to process your selections.

Place a hold on an item?

Holds can be used to save an item for you if it is currently checked out, or to transfer materials for you between branches. Like renewing materials, there are two ways to place a hold on an item:

1) Call your local branch or 646-4531 (Main branch) to place a hold on your requested material. Be sure to have your library card within reach so you can provide your card number.

2) Place a hold online through the iBistro Online Catalog through these steps:

  • Access the catalog by visiting the RPL homepage, clicking on "Find Information" and selecting "Catalog"
  • Log into the catalog by entering your User ID (13-digit number on the back of your card) and PIN at the top of the page
  • Search for your desired materials by entering the author, title or subject into the search engine
  • Click on the "Details" button beside your found materials on the "Search Results" page
  • "Item Info" in the middle of the page will display what branches currently have your desired materials, or if they are all currently checked out
  • To place a hold, click the very first option on the left side of the page - "Place Hold."
  • On the next page, you will be asked to select a branch where you will pick your materials up, and can also select an "Expiration Date" when you want a hold to be removed from your account
  • When your hold items come in, you will be contacted via telephone to come in and pick up your materials.