Friday, March 30, 2007

Canyon Cinema Program

presented annually by the Richmond Moving Image Co-op, a non-profit organization for the media arts in Central Virginia with the co-operation of the Richmond Public Library. All admissions are free and open to the public.
Canyon Cinema Program
A selection of five experimental short films from the Canyon Cinema Co-op of San Francisco founded in 1962. Total running time is approximately 80 minutes.
Monday, April 9
ASIFA Animation
The winners of the 2006 ASIFA-EAST competition. ASIFA, founded in France in 1960 to promote the art of film animation, continues to turn out cutting-edge work in competitions. Total running time is approximately 2 hours.
Tuesday, April 10

Film Memories: a Remembrance
A program of short films in celebration of the lives of artists who have passed recently - screening works by and about them. Richmonders Dika Newlin and Bryan Harvey are among those remembered.
Wednesday, April 11

Scorsese's Improbable Inspiration: The Red Shoes
Martin Scorsese, winner of the Best Director Oscar for The Departed, is known for his violent depictions of gangster life. Yet it is British director Michael Powell and particularly his The Red Shoes that has guided Scorsese's style on screen.
Introduced by film historian (VCU) Trent Nicholas.
Friday, April 13

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