Friday, May 18, 2007

Jamestown continued ...

Continue the history lesson and learn more about Jamestown. Check out our library catalog for titles of interest to all ages.

On Jamestown:

  • The Jamestown project by Kupperman, Karen Ordahl
  • The birth of black America : the first African Americans and the pursuit of freedom at Jamestown by Hashaw, Tim
  • Jamestown, the buried truth by Kelso, William M.
  • The Jamestown adventure : accounts of the Virginia colony, 1605-1614 by Southern, Ed
  • Empires in the forest : Jamestown and the beginning of America by Chenoweth, Avery.

For children:

  • Jamestown, 1607 by Michael L. Cooper
  • New beginnings : Jamestown and the Virginia Colony, 1607-1699 by Daniel Rosen
  • The Jamestown colony by Gail Sakurai

  • Jamestown
  • The English come to America
Check out library catalog for the locations of these titles or call your local branch for availability information. To get to the library catalog, go to the library home page and click on iBistro Online Catalog.

Here are some websites that might also be of interest:
  • Historic Jamestowne for archaeological dig information, history, and educational resources.
  • National Geographic's America in 1607 beautiful website has maps, videos, webpages on daily living in Jamestown's harsh conditions.
  • At get up close and personal with the people who actually lived in the colony. This website features individuals wearing a t-shirt with a colonial person's name on it. Click on the photo to learn more about the Jamestown settlers and what their life was like in those early days.

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