Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New automotive repair help @ your library!

Libraries have always offered automotive repair help with books that can be checked out. We still have those books but we now also have an online service that patrons can access from their home comptuers. The Auto Repair Reference Center offers a wealth of information, diagrams, instructions, and troubleshooting diagnostics at your fingertips. To explore, go to the library's home page at:http://www.richmondpubliclibrary.org/
. . . click on Online Databases
. . . click on Auto Repair Reference Center
. . . type in library card ID number
The first screen lists years going back to 1945. Click on a year of the automobile you'd like to research.

. . . click on the manufacturer
. . . click on the model.
. . . click on the button for the specific automobile to be researched

The next screen lists the Repair Topics available and this is where the exploring can begin.

Repair Topics:
Repair Procedures
Service Bulletins and Recalls
Wiring Diagrams
Maintenance Intervals

Under Wiring Diagrams for a 1991 Chevrolet Caprice, the following are listed:
Door Locks
Power Windows
Sound Systems
Below is an example of the wiring diagram for power windows.

If we go back to Repair Topics and select Service Bulletins and Recalls, we get the following list:
Topic : Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls

Automatic Trans, Coolers, Torque Converter(58)
Aux Equip, Phone, Jacks, Trailer Hitches, Towing(6)
Brakes, Power Brakes, Traction Control(14)
Chassis Electrical, Wiring, Fuses & Breakers, Wipers, Motors(16)
Chemicals, Antifreeze, Additives(29)
Cooling, Water Pump, Drive Belts, Pulleys(9)
Diesel Engines(13)
Drive Axles, Shafts, U-Joints, CV-Joints(12)
Electronic Devices, Computers, PROMS, Sensors(37)
Emission Controls, Vacuum Hoses(14)
Entertainment: Stereo, Radio, Cassettes(14)
Finishes, Body Structure, Frame, Bumpers(49)
Fuel Sys, Driveability, Filters (Air & Fuel)(35)
Gasoline Engines(24)
Glass, Doors, Hood, Decklid, Tailgate, Liftgate, Locks(31)
Heating, A/C, Ventilation, Defogger(31)
Identification, Models, Labels, Etc.(8)
Ignition, Electronic Ignition(5)
Instruments, Dash Cluster, Warning Lights, Mirrors(23)
Labor Times, Manuals, Warranty, Aids(208)
Lighting, Horns, Turn Signals, Steering Column(6)
Manual Trans, Clutches, Linkage, MTX(11)
Seals, Gaskets, Sealants(9)
Seats, Belts, Interior Trim, Carpets, Air Bags(36)
Starting, Charging, Battery(19)
Steering, Suspension(19)
Tools, Equipment(39)
Wheels, Tires, Wheel Bearings, Seals, Hubs(52)

Click on Maintenance Intervals and print out a checklist of the recommended routine maintenance tasks.

Continue to explore by checking on the tabs at the top right of the screen. Troubleshooting will help to diagnose the strange utterings and sputterings that cars will spew.

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