Thursday, March 04, 2010

First Friday - March 5th

Please join us at the Main branch of the Richmond Public Library this Friday, March 5th from 7-9 p.m. for a fantastic First Friday. Not only will we be featuring new exhibitions from local artists, we will also be showcasing local student artwork and welcoming two Richmond writers: Wayne Dementi and Brooks Smith. Their book, The Songlines of Richmond, celebrates local performing arts, venues and people. This event will take place in the Davenport Special Collections Room. We hope to see you there!

Dooley Foyer
Richmond Public Schools

Student Artists and Musicians Celebrate Youth Art Month

Artwork by Sebastian Wimbush / George Wythe

Featuring student musicians and original student artwork.

Dooley Hall
Sungkyung Park

All Around Me in Richmond

Traditional and digital drawing by the Richmond artist.

View more of her work on her blog here.
View her background and artistic history here.

Gellman Room
Tin Salamunic

Pictural Colloquy

A collection of works from the local illustrator.

2nd Floor Gallery
IQRA Academy of Virginia

Student Artwork

Paintings demonstrating extraordinary color, creativity and talent.

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