Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Library Improvements and what they mean for you

We've had several updates on library closures and temporary locations both on the Richmond Public Library website and this blog (view information regarding the Westover Hills and Hull Street temporary locations here), but the real details about these renovation closures and what they will bring to our community haven't really been featured.

Note - Westover Hills materials may show as "available" in the online catalog, but no materials are available from the branch as all materials are in storage until the branch re-opens this fall. We apologize for any confusion.

These renovations and upgrades are part of a city-wide Capitol Projects plan, all of which can be read on the Richmond Government website.  Specifically, these renovations are meant to improve internet and communication services at every branch of the library, which means patrons will have upgraded internet service to access our many online databases and to use for their own personal projects.

Additionally, physical renovations to branches will provide improved layouts of the libraries, and will range from new roofs and energy-efficient windows to new furniture and shelving. You can read the library-specific parts of the plan here, in the 2008-2012 Improvement Plan, on Page 192.

We're extremely excited to share these improvements with you, and look forward to enjoying the results in a few short months! We thank you for your patience and ask that you direct any questions you may have toward us at any time.

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