Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Celebrate Father's Day with the RPL

This Sunday, June 20th marks Father's day, and what better way to spend some time with Dad than curled up with a book? The Belmont branch is planning a fun celebration on Saturday, June 19th, so stop by to enjoy the festivities and maybe select a few books to read together. We have a few recommendations to help you get started. Happy Dad's Day!

 Father's Day is tomorrow, and Langley Snail is ready.This year, he finally gets an allowance, so there will be no more disastrous homemade presents for his dad. All of Langley's friends are off to the store to buy their dads the latest gadgets, but by the time he catches up, it's closed (he is a snail, after all). However, on his way home, Langley discovers what might just be a better gift than anything that money can buy.

Join in the adventure of discovering all of the different ways that children can be just like their parents. This flip format book is a great interactive experience for parents and children alike.

Maria's dad lives "a whole plane ride away." Lacking knowledge about his interests and livelihood, she invents grand tales when other fathers visit her school to share their talents. When her mother goes on a trip, he arrives to care for her. His boisterous personality, spicy cooking, and silly nicknames overwhelm her at first, but the tension is alleviated by the enthusiastic approval of her classmates as they respond to his songs and stories. Her supportive teacher points out that father and daughter are "two peas in a pod" in this uplifting and fun tale.

A wonderful story about a father who imparts all of his vast knowledge of the world to his young son. Detailed and vivid illustrations depict the close relationship between the this dad and son, and is a great book to read together.

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