Friday, September 03, 2010

First Friday - September 3rd

Today is First Friday! Come check out all of the new exhibitions at the Main public library from 7PM - 9PM this evening that are part of this ongoing downtown tradition. We have several new artists whose work will be on display throughout the month, so come on down and see us!

The New Artworks and Documentation of the 2002 Tribute Towers Project of Vadim Moroz

This project is noted by the artist to be a tribute to the heroes of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. The work consists of two 30 x 20 foot murals that depict various scenes through multiple art styles. For more detail about the artist and this particular project, visit his website here.

Vadim Moroz studied art at the atelier of his father, artist Michael Moroz in Moscow, Russia, and at the Moscow Art School.  In 1976, he moved to West Berlin and continued his art training at the Design Atelier Willy Frey-Hermann.  In 1979, he started his freelance artistic career. 

In the 1980's, Vadim Moroz became a member of the Association des Artistes de Russie Paris and was actively  involved in the Non-Conformism Art Movement.  He participated in several group exhibitions in Germany, France, USA and Canada.  His artworks were regularly exhibited in several art galleries and retrospective shows.  In 1989, he was honored with an essay in the Annual Berlin Book.   His artworks are on display in several museums and private collections.

In the 1990's, Vadim Moroz moved to New York.  In Fall 2002 he completed his Tribute Towers Project.    For the last seven years he has been a permanent resident of Petersburg, Virginia.

Cynthia Erdahl

Opportunities to make way for new understanding are never ending.  We try to understand our loved ones, ourselves, others;  why we're here;  what life's about.   A lot of grays appear. . . and sometimes clarity. . . .   But the ever-changing truths challenge us to grow and evolve.

Opportunities via cultural exchanges in South Korea, China and Uzbekistan have highlighted cultural divides and at heart similarities.  Seizing chances to bridge gaps is endless.

For more about Cynthia Erdahl, and her past endeavors, check out the archived Artificum of Humanitas blog here.

Rivah County Painters

The Rivah Country Painters are a group of artists from the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula.  For over fifteen years we have met every Wednesday to create our individual art in the presence of each other.  At the end of each painting session we eagerly show our work and respectfully critique what we share.   This tradition was started by Richmond area artist/instructor, John Griffin, who forced us to look at our work critically and to expand our vision and creativity.  We thank our current artist/educator, Michelle Hoffmann, who has pushed us to extend ourselves and our art and to expose our work to a wider audience for their critique and appreciation.

Our group is diverse in interests, talents, skills, training and cultural experiences.  We use a variety of medium but for this show we all have painted using watercolors.  We are in unison in our desire to increase our knowledge, our joy of painting, and the quality of our artistic experience and performance. 

We paint to record and remember all the things both important and trivial to our lives.  The scenes from our childhoods, the scenes from our imaginations.  The scenes of our neighborhoods looking out our backdoors and the roads of our towns.  We paint the people we live and work with and the streets we travel.   We paint the fields and waterways that are the nature all around us.

For more information about the Rivah County Painters, check out their website here.

We hope to see you this evening at the Main public library branch!

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