Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Books to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day (coming up this Friday), I’d like to recommend some books that will inspire you to be environmentally conscious all year round. “Green" living has been a hot topic for years, but many of us now embrace conservation as a lifestyle rather than a trend. For those of you that are working toward sustainability, we have lots of resources to help you reach your goals. Even if you're new to the idea of green living, pick up a book on conservation for Earth Day. You'll find small steps you can take to help protect your environment as well as save some cash.

by David Owen
In this challenge to conventional thinking about our environment and conservation, Owen argues that the greenest city in America is New York City. He offers a plan that includes smaller, tighter living and a lot less driving to help us confront the environmental crisis.

by Caroline Fraser
This is a study of worldwide efforts taking place to protect biodiversity through "rewilding." This method aims to revive habitats and migration corridors and promote peace between wildlife and humans. Fraser, who traveled with biologists and conservationists all over the world, has created an inspiring story of grassroots activism mixed with complex scientific understanding. 

by Alanna Stang 
This book profiles more than thirty-five houses in diverse ecosystems. Each house features an innovative collaboration of style and environmental responsibility.

Edited by Bill McKibben 
In this anthology, writer and activist Bill McKibben has collected the best and most influential environmental writing in American history. This book is filled with beautiful writing on a variety of environmental issues.  More than 100 authors are featured, including some you'd expect (Rachel Carson and Michael Pollan), as well as some surprises (Philip K. Dick and Marvin Gaye).

by Scott Kellogg and Stacy Pettigrew
This eco-urban guide to city living brings conservation right into your neighborhood. The authors offer city dwellers instructions on growing food, managing waste, generating energy, and more.
by David S. Findley 
Here's a hands-on guide for reducing your energy costs and your carbon footprint. This book is a great resource to have while navigating the huge amount of information energy use reduction in the home. It can help home owners with projects big and small.

By the way, checking out books from your library is still the most sustainable way to read. So any time you're reading a library book, no matter the subject, you're doing something good for the environment. Happy Earth Day!

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