Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Music Scores at RPL

Are you looking for wedding music? Do you need music for an audition? Do you need parts for a quartet or the words to a song? Are you learning to play a new instrument? Begin your search with the Richmond Public Library Score Collection.

Circulating Score Collection
The library collection of printed music includes many types of music:
  • Piano vocal scores for both musicals and operas.
  • Song collections, including songs from popular music as well as from musicals and operas.
  • Sacred music, including hymnals and oratorios.
  • Orchestral music: miniature scores and piano transcriptions.
  • Music for organ and piano, including etudes, transcriptions, and “how to play” instruction books.
  • String music, including parts for duos, trios, quartets, etc., as well as instruction books for violin, guitar, and other string instruments.
  • Wind music, including parts for small groups, as well as instruction books.
  • Percussion music, including instruction books.

Song Books and Music Instruction Books
Some song collections are cataloged as books rather than as scores. This is also true of some of the music instruction books. These can be found in the 780 numbers in the nonfiction book collection.

Sheet Music Collection
The library collection of sheet music includes piano music, organ music, sacred songs and secular songs. These are allowed to circulate. There is also a collection of popular song sheets, dating from the late 1800s to the late 1900s. This collection is for reference use only in the Main library.
Choral Octavo Scores
This is a collection of choral music arranged for various vocal combinations, e.g. SATB, SSTB, etc. There are multiple copies of some of the titles.

Scott Fund Orchestral Scores
This collection consists of a conductor’s scores with full orchestral parts. These materials are for reference use only in the Main Library.

Kaminsky Scores
This collection of band and dance orchestra music includes arrangements of both popular and classical pieces. There are also arrangements of many national anthems.

Scores in the Main Library

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Patty said...

WOW! And I thought the International Music Score Library Project ( with over 85,000 scores was impressive - look at what we have at the Main Library - real scores to check out!
Thank you Helen Ogden, for sharing your knowledge about this great collection.