Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Library Renovations Continue

Construction for the renovation projects at the Belmont and Hull Street libraries is progressing as expected, moving toward reopening these two libraries in late summer.

I'm sometimes asked "What's being done with these renovations?" The easiest way to see what's included is to go visit the two completed libraries, North Avenue Library at 2901 North Avenue, or Westover Hills Library at 1408 Westover Hills Boulevard. You'll get a good idea of what changes are underway at Belmont and Hull Street.

If you've been by Belmont and Hull Street, you'll know that the inside of the buildings has been taken down to concrete floors in order to drill for new electrical and data conduit. New ceiling grids are going up for new ceiling tiles and new lighting. Windows will come out and be replaced. All will provide a more energy-efficient building, and a building that is laid out more efficiently for people, library collections and computers.

New heating and cooling equipment will be added at Belmont, replacing three old systems with one new energy-efficient system. An improved back entrance will also be added at Belmont. New carpet and new furniture will complete the renovations.

Hull Street Library is expected to reopen the week of August 1. Belmont Library is expected to reopen the week of September 12. We look forward to seeing you for the reopenings!

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