Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Branch Renovation Updates

Changes Underway at Hull Street
Renovations at the Belmont and Hull Street Libraries are progessing, and everyone is looking forward to having both branches reopen soon.

Hull Street Library is set to open again in mid-August. The beautiful tilework in the bathrooms and behind the water fountains is completed, and new carpeting is being installed now. The space will feel a lot cozier, with better lighting, more efficient shelving, and an improved infrastructure for technology. Expect more computers and a rejuvinated building and materials collection.

Renovations Happening at Belmont
Belmont is our oldest branch library and is set to open a little later, since it required some extra attention. Look for Belmont Library to reopen in September, also with a cozier, more up-to-date feel. You'll also see some nice tilework here (see picture at right). New windows and meeting room glass have been installed, and painting and ceiling work is underway now. Very exciting!

I can't wait to see how these libraries look after renovations are completed. I know the branch staff  will be so glad to get back to their neighborhoods and serve library users in beautiful new spaces!