Tuesday, November 01, 2011

African American Studies Community Course

We are so excited to host a six-week course on African-American studies that will be totally free and open to the public. Explore the history, culture, politics, and contemporary life of persons of African descent through lectures, films and discussions. These classes will be presented by Dr. Shawn Utsey, VCU Department of African American Studies and Afrikana Student Union, VCU. 

The first class starts this week on Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:30 PM. The topic for tomorrow's lecture is the American Voodoo Construct. Students will explore the Voodoo concept in American popular culture. Special guest, Dr. Iyelle Ichile, will help discuss the Voodoo Construct as a collection of images and rhetoric concerning African spirituality.

"This topic emerged as a result of several contemporary incidents of harsh material and social consequences meted out to followers of these faiths in place like Louisiana, Haiti, and even Ghana. 'Voodoo' is more a part of Euro-American folklore than any black religious tradition. As such, 'Voodoo' reflects both the racial ideologies and racialized nationalist anxieties of white America."   - Dr. Shawn Utsey
Classes will be held on Wednesdays from November 2nd through December 14 (except the Wednesday before Thanksgiving), from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Main Library. This is such a special opportunity for the Richmond community, and we hope to see many people in attendance. Please call Dr. Utsey at (804) 828-1384 with any questions.

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