Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Why Children's Books" Exhibit

Did a children's book change your life? Do you have special childhood memories attached to a certain book? 

There is a wonderful exhibit coming to Richmond Public Library in April that explores the role of children's books in our lives. "Why Children's Books: Inspiring Generations" will feature essays from many notable Richmonders including Shaka Smart, Michael Rao, Alex Nyerges, Jack Spiro, Mayor Dwight Jones, Tim Kaine, Anne Holton, Jason Mraz, and many more. These essays are personal stories from all over Richmond on children's books that make a real difference. Each story illustrates the power of children's books and their ability to inspire us.

The exhibit will be displayed at the Main Library beginning April 12th and will be up until May 29th. The essays will also be available to view at RPL branches during the month of September. "Why Children's Books" was organized by the Friends of the Richmond Public Library, a volunteer-based group that supports library services and programs across our city.

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Anonymous said...

Duncan and Delores (http://www.amazon.com/Duncan-Dolores-Reading-Rainbow-Book/dp/0833530372) was always a favorite for me and my Mom. I still remember a period of time when we couldn't borrow it from the library because another child had supposedly destroyed the book and it had to be repaired--oops!