Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ready, Set, Grow!

Only two more weeks to contain your enthusiasm about gardening!

Marlene Sehen, our favorite gardener, is back again for our second annual container gardening class.

Via Our Enchanted Garden

On Saturday, April 28th, head on over to the Main Library to learn how to grow your own food. Bring your curiosity and container and we will provide the information, compost, seeds and plants to help you start your own container garden. The two-hour class will start at 10 am. 

Via hddod


Anonymous said...

This is great! is there any other way to publicize that you all are doing this kind of thing? The only reason I know is because I am involved in the grow your own movement in Richmond, and thought to check. How do you reach the people who need the information but don't know to look?

Dana Smook, RPL Librarian said...

We ask ourselves this question all the time! It's hard to get the word out when we're working with free resources, but we do our best with social media, flyers, and talking to our library users. We depend heavily on word-of-mouth and we always appreciate it when community members talk about what we're doing with their friends and neighbors.