Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bittersweet Library News

We've got some bittersweet news in the library personnel realm. Our Deputy Director of Public Service, Liz Triplett, is retiring this week after 33 years of service at the Main Library. She began her career as a reference librarian at RPL in 1979. We are thankful for her energy, experience, and dedication to quality. She certainly will be missed, but we are glad she can finally relax and enjoy the life of a retired person! She has been such an asset to the library during her career.

We're also bidding farewell to three valuable members of our Library Board this week. Yesterday, three long-serving members' terms expired. Kathy Monday, Clare Schapiro, and Greg Forman each served on the Library Board for eight years. Each of them also served as Chairman of the Board during their terms. In the picture below, they’re holding books that have been added to the collection in their honor. We are so thankful to these board members for their dedication over the years as they advised and encouraged library staff.

Kathy Monday, Clare Schapiro, and Greg Forman


Ana Edwards said...

Good people with good books!

Anonymous said...

They are the keepers of our institutional memory! Hopefully we will be able to start an oral history project with them.