Monday, April 22, 2013

Going Green-Celebrating Earth Day @ RPL

At Richmond Public Library we are doing so many things to stay GREEN. The People's Library paper and book making project is going strong. This project has been mentioned through all sorts of media outlets. The program was made possible through the VCU undergraduate research grant and the books that have been recycled by the library. Mark Strandquist, the VCU student conducting the project, will be at the Main Library on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm in the Outside of the Box area in General Collection.

Interviews and Articles about the project:

Earth Day Art Display @ Main
Last week, people from the community had the opportunity to help with the recycled creations seen below. Carter Anderson, founder of the local organization Save the Trash has created several sculptures to display in Main's Library Park. The purpose of this display is to share the love for the earth by being creative and have people from the community to contribute in the process. 

Gardening programs @ RPL

For the start of spring, there have been several gardening programs throughout the system. We have had a Container Gardening workshop at Ginter Park, a Vegetable Gardening workshop at Belmont, a Growing and Cooking with Herbs program with RTD columnist, Clare Schapiro at Main, and there are more to come...

The Main Library is starting up the Gardening Club for teens. We have been using resourceful materials to build our garden and allowing children to be exposed to horticultural opportunities. The name of our garden at Main is "The Secret Garden".  We are grateful for organizations like HandsOn and other volunteers for helping us with this process.

Earth Day shouldn't just be one day. Let's celebrate Earth Day year around. I know the library is!

Interested in Learning more about Earth Day? Here are some book titles and other resources.

Children and Teens:
What's the Point of Being Green?, by Jacqui Bailey 
The Berenstain Bears: Go Green, 1st ed. by Jan Berenstain 
Make it!: Don't throw it Away--Create Something Amazing!, by Jane Bull 

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