Friday, April 30, 2010

New RPL Materials

For our third installment of this feature, we have a great array of new materials across the board. There is a great new selection of computer instruction guides to the new Windows 7 and Excel as well as AutoCAD. Further instruction books include several gardening books, as well as cookbooks.

As for adult fiction, we have the newest works from best-selling authors Ian McEwan and Yann Martel. Mr. McEwan's new novel is entitled Solar and Mr. Martel's new work is Beatrice and Virgil. Juvenile nonfiction has a large new collection of science and nature-themed books, and we have added several Oscar-nominated films to our DVD collection, including Precious, The Blind Side, and Up in the Air.

Just click on the link below to be taken to the full page of new materials. Click on the subject you're interested in (i.e. Adult Fiction) to be taken directly to that list, or just scroll up and down the page to view all materials.

Looking for a specific title? Search by using "Crtl + F" to bring up a "Find" search within the page. Happy borrowing!

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