Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Library Renovations

Richmond Public Library is starting "round two" of its renovation projects. Thanks to City of Richmond funding from its capital budget, almost every Richmond Public Library location will be renovated between 2010 and 2012.

The Belmont Library closed December 30, and the Hull Street Library will close at the end of business this Saturday, January 15. Both libraries will undergo complete interior renovations. In order to make this happen, lots of people work lots of hours to plan and execute the closing of the library.

The book and media collections are reviewed to see what needs to be re-ordered and replaced, or perhaps put in the used book sale. An inventory is done at each library to make sure the catalog accurately reflects the library's holdings. The space taken by each part of the collection is carefully measured, because books packed up will come back to re-arranged shelving. Files are cleared out, office supplies are packed...and then the really hard work starts.

Books are boxed and shelving is dismantled. Some shelving goes to storage to be re-used when the library re-opens. Some shelving is so old we can't get parts for it anymore, so it goes to metal recycling and new shelving is purchased. Furniture that won't be re-used is offered to other libraries and to schools.

To see the difference, visit the two libraries which have been renovated and were reopened at the end of 2010 -- North Avenue at 2901 North Avenue, and Westover Hills at 1408 Westover Hills Boulevard.

What a great beginning to the new year -- truly "out with the old and in with the new" for Belmont and Hull Street libraries. 

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