Thursday, August 25, 2011

As the students head back to school, become a modern scholar yourself.

Rock 'n' roll and American society [(CD) sound recording]. Part one, From the beginning to 1960 / by William McKeen. The blessed lens [(CD) sound recording] : a history of Italian cinema / by Joseph Luzzi. A history of Venice [(CD) sound recording] : queen of the seas / by Thomas F. Madden.
Crime scene investigation. part one [(CD) sound recording] : philosophy, practice, and science / by Robert C. Shaler. The seven wonders of the ancient world [(CD) sound recording] / by Jennifer Tobin. The people's dynasty [(CD) sound recording] : culture and society in modern China / Robert J. Shepherd.
Myths and mysteries in archaeology [(CD) sound recording] / Susan A. Johnston. Detective fiction [(CD) sound recording] : from Victorian sleuths to the present / M. Lee Alexander. Command and control [(CD) sound recording] : great military leaders from Washington to the twenty-first century / by Mark Robert Polelle.
A history of Native America [(CD) sound recording] / by Ned Blackhawk. In Michelangelo's shadow [(CD) sound recording] : the mystery of modern Italy / Joseph Luzzi. Philosophy of mind [(CD) sound recording] / Andrew Pessin.

More titles of interest:
A nation rising [(CD) sound recording] : [untold tales of flawed founders, fallen heroes, and forgotten fighters from America's hidden history] / by Kenneth C. Davis.
A world on fire [(CD) sound recording] : [Britian's crucial role in the American Civil War] / Amanda Foreman.
American uprising [(CD) sound recording] : the untold story of America's largest slave revolt / Daniel Rasmussen.
Classical mythology [(CD) sound recording] / Elizabeth Vandiver.
Concert masterworks [(CD) sound recording] / Robert Greenberg.
E=mc² [(CD) sound recording] : biography of the world's most famous equation / by David Bodanis.
Life stories [(CD) sound recording] / David Attenborough.
Luther [(CD) sound recording] : gospel, law, and Reformation / Phillip Cary.
On China [(CD) sound recording] / Henry Kissinger.
Physics of the future [(CD) sound recording] : [how science will shape human destiny and our daily lives by the year 2100] / Michio Kaku.
The hidden reality [(CD) sound recording] : parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos / by Brian Greene.
The history of the Supreme Court [(CD) sound recording] / Peter Irons.
The Second World War. [Book one], Milestones to disaster [(CD) sound recording] / by Winston Churchill.
The symphony [(CD) sound recording] / Robert Greenberg.

Download list of Recommended books on CD for adults.

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