Friday, August 14, 2015

Who rocks? Girls Rock! RVA: Empowering girls, one note at a time

The campers at this year's Girls Rock! RVA will display their talents at the Camper Showcase at Richmond Public Library TOMORROW! THIS SATURDAY! August 15th!

Be there at 12 and be prepared to rock.

Alana concentrating on the keys. Photo credit: Rose Rea
Thanks to the local acts who visit us during the camp week. Added bonus: feeling like rock stars when they want your autograph and we give you a free lunch! Photo credit: Caitlin O'Connor
Dazeases performs during the camper's lunch time. Photo credit: Caitlin O'Connor
Girls Rock impromptu dance party. Photo credit: Caitlin O'Connor
Mayzie preparing to slay the drums. Photo credit:Caitlin O'Connor
Mia singing with passion already on day one! #proskillz
Photo credit: Caitlin O'Connor

The mission:

"Girls Rock! RVA is a newly formed organization in Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to facilitate a space in Richmond that empowers girls to collaborate creatively in an environment of mutual respect and positive self-expression. To this effect, we are working to start an all-girls pop/rock/hip-hop/punk/etc. summer music camp here in Richmond.

GR!RVA is fully operated by a dedicated group of volunteers. Like many of the other Girls Rock! Camps across the United States, Canada, and Europe, we use music education as a foundation for personal growth, self-expression, confidence building, and much, much more.

We’ve come a long way since our initial formation in early 2010. What started out as an understandably amazing proposal quickly became a realistic opportunity, as the group and its mission were greatly welcomed within the Richmond area and surrounding communities. We held our first benefit show in December 2010 and by March met with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance.

By working to attain non-profit status and running our own programs, we would like to become an official affiliate in the coming years."

Source: Girls Rock! RVA Facebook page

And here's a list of books to pick up at the library after the program:
Just Kids by Patti Smith
Rat Girl by Kristin Hersh
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer for Freedom by Pussy Riot

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