Friday, August 05, 2016

Judge a book by its cover and discover the found poetry of stacked book spines

Have you ever noticed that a stack of books can read like accidental poetic magic? Forget your magnetic poetry set--try creating some book spine poetry.
Here's how:  Browse the shelves for inspiring titles. Stack the books up and switch them around until your poem speaks to you.

Pro-tip: Young adult titles yield some of the moodiest poems. Give it a try!

"Cosmic fallen angels,
warm bodies shiver.

How I live now:
through the woods,
a step from heaven,
out of reach.

The missing piece--
this is not
what they found.

I was here,
under the mesquite.
Shadows front and center."

--By Natalie and Arabia--


"This just in...
Beautiful warrior,
Forbidden fruit.
An African princess
from head to toe."

--By Arabia Z. Earth--

"The sun, the sea, a touch of the wind.

Unbreakable: a love ballad.

Our first love--
things fall apart,
old habits die hard.

Truth be told,
Life is short but wide.

A lesson before dying."

By Nideria Brown

Not feeling quite like yourself? Try on a bookface. The challenge: Judge a book by its cover and then  become the cover.
Go ahead, get creative with your summer reading goals.  Happy Friday from your friends at the library!

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